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Steering Office


1. About Steering Office

Dedicate advisory committee to help high level stakeholders and/or experts in order to provide guidance on key issues such as organisation policy and objectives, budgetary control, marketing strategy, resource allocation, and decisions involving large expenditures.

The goal of this service is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business by dramatically reducing the cost of providing the general business services necessary for day-to-day organisation operations. It also identify areas where specialisation and innovation are critical to meet unique needs and assure that those needs are properly addressed.

Through a self-implementation process that leverages knowledge of the business environment, the steering office helps organisations to achieve the following:

  • Centralise reporting relationships for all business workers so that everyone is part of one business organization, reporting to the Steering office Chair
  • Standardise general business infrastructure, commodity services, equipment, and support teams to assure efficiencies in the procurement and delivery of business
  • Prioritise and allocate business resources to minimise costs for general services and reallocate to areas where specialisation and innovation are essential. This involves enhancing business governance models as well as increasing tracking and visibility of business expenses, projects and staff efforts, and hiring

3. How does it work

2. Benefites

Our Steering Committee is an administrative body that reviews, monitors and prioritizes major business activities including projects from a cross-functional perspective. The two key concerns of a business steering committee are:

  • Alignment. The committee helps ensure that business strategy is aligned with the stakeholder goals of the organisation.
  • Ownership. The business units represented on the steering committee have ultimate ownership over the larger business strategic decisions since those decisions will impact their processes.
  • Business focus. The business steering committee’s strongest mandate is to find & align business solutions that may leverage technology.
  • Priority. At budget time, business will be able to set spending priorities according to broadly based business recommendations.
  • Transparency. Other departments will be able to see their business demands in the larger context of strategic plans, and at least understand (though maybe not agree with) the rationale behind decisions to proceed with one project over another.
  • Accountability. business projects, especially cross functional projects will be decided upon based on committee approval and priority and not just within the business unit.

To make sure you are in right track, Our Steering Office provides the following:
  • One Strategist
  • One Business Architect
  • One Applicaitons Architect
  • One Data Architect
  • One Technology Architect
  • One Projects Manager
  • One Security Auditor
  • One Communications Officer

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