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UK Strategic Planners

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Delivery Options

Improve Job Performance with a Complete Workforce Training Solution Our comprehensive, flexible training portfolio is focused on helping our customers develop a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge – and ultimately, improve production, lower turnover and increase employee morale. Identify skill gaps and improve job performance and productivity with the expertise of Strategic Planners. We can help you bring together all the pieces of workforce training into a comprehensive workforce training solution.

Your employees are your greatest asset. To achieve peak manufacturing performance, you need technologies and processes driven by highly trained employees. Ongoing training is an important component of a strategic approach to maintenance, and constantly improving human and process performance consistently translates into increased job productivity and overall plant profitability. Skilled operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers, who maximize machinery and processes, should increase the availability, rate, and quality of your production environment and boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Steering Office

    Dedicate advisory committee to help high level stakeholders and/or experts in order to provide guidance on key issues such as organisation policy and objectives, budgetary control, marketing strategy, resource allocation, and decisions involving large expenditures.

  • Onsite Consulting

    Onsite Visit

    Visit our clients to understand their needs and current problems, face to face, then prepare a contract to authorise a project to start, this option is preferred for big changes and before project initiation.

  • Consulting over Email

    Online Consulting

    Deliver a service from our office over email to our clients, this is the most popular option our clients prefer.